7 Months, or a Very Belated Update

It’s been a long time since last I blogged, for sure, but life has been happening, and honestly I just haven’t felt like doing this until now. I have a list of drafted posts about as long as my arm, and perhaps I’ll finalize them one of these days when the wherewithal is around for more than a brief visit, surreptitiously resurrecting this blog from its near death.

I am now seven months pregnant with our second child, newly into the third trimester. Before we all get too excited by “how soon” baby will be here, let me remind you that I wait to go into labor spontaneously, so this pregnancy could have fourteen or fifteen more weeks to go! No need to rush; baby knows better than anyone when its ready to meet its family! My son was born fat & healthy at 41 weeks gestation, and personally I am anticipating a similar length of time with this wee bairn.

In my last published post I wrote about hoping to maintain a paleo diet during pregnancy, and wondering if the claims of those who have gone before were exaggerated. Throughout these past seven months I have been about 75% compliant: I allow myself to eat as many sweet potatoes, white potatoes, bananas, and even rice, as I want, as I need them. (And yes, it is a need! My body needs carbohydrates!) Ice cream, potato chips, and pork rinds are other “forbidden” snacking devils I allow periodically.

Wheat & corn have come back into my diet, but definitely not every day. I feel like absolute crap every single time I eat it, and sometimes rice will bring on the yucky-ness, too. Those foods have been naturally limited to once a week or so, because I don’t like feeling like crap. 🙂 (to expound: sluggish in my brain, body, and digestion, often bloated, increased heartburn, the list goes on & on.) Why do I even eat them at all?! Probably because I’m human (I don’t always make good choices), I live in America (it’s readily available), and at the end of the long, hot summer day here in Phoenix during which I’ve tended to both my toddler and pregnant self, I frequently do not want to cook, and Chinese food sounds a-MAZE-ing. There have been times, too, where the choice was going hungry or eating a sandwich made on *gasp* bread, and I don’t skip meals. Period.

Mark Sisson of The Primal Blueprint fame calls this the 80/20 Principle, and it makes a lot of sense to me. It’s more about what you eat over the course of a week than picking apart every single component of every single meal. :::stress:::

I feel my best – I feel INCREDIBLE – when I eat only protein (I include dairy in that category), fat, veggies, and fruit. I have energy, I have lots of smiles, I have no aches, pains, or common pregnancy complaints at all. It’s pretty stinking cool.

I’ve been finding, for myself anyway, that the lack of aches & pains has a lot more to do with getting regular exercise than what comprises my diet. That said, diet does greatly impact my overall wellness (especially leg cramps: for me, junk food = leg cramps and bloating) and that of my growing baby.

I want to rave about exercise! It’s like a magic pill for feeling awesome during pregnancy.

7 months pregnant, post workout

I don’t look too bad, either. 😉 But lest you stone me for sounding so selfish in my pursuits of health & fitness during pregnancy, let me add that the baby inside is growing perfectly, and is very active and strong. I am consumed with delight & love for this little soul, and am tremendously excited to meet him or her in a few months!


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