Sauerkraut and a Nap

It has been such a long time since I blogged, I am ashamed. We’ve had bouts of mild but lingering illness throughout most of January, and I’ve been too busy, and much too tired, to apply myself to anything other than daily essentials.

It turns out that the source of my tiredness is a growing baby! The Sweetieman and I are adding to our little family: we learned on Tuesday that I am expecting baby #2. Great, great Joy! We are very thankful, and so blessed!

In light of this, I’ve been reading a bit online about having a “paleo pregnancy” and am interested to see how this all works out for me as this pregnancy continues. I’ve read fantastic claims from these other paleo-preggos, who aren’t tired, aren’t nauseous, have boundless energy, weight gain that disappears immediately after childbirth, and nary a blemish in sight. Are they growing a human, I wonder? What are they doing differently than me? Because

Maybe it’s just perception. I don’t eat primally because it benefits my body image. Eating just for the sake your looks is called an eating disorder. I eat this way because it’s healing my food allergies and my gut, because it’s nutritionally superior to the Standard American Diet, and because I love red meat and butter. (The improvements to my body image are a nice but nonessential benefit.) Some of these paleo bloggers out there are so supercilious, so arrogant that I can hardly stand to read them! There’s nothing glamorous about the way hunter-gatherers lived or ate; it was raw survival and common sense. Why are so many on a high horse about stumbling upon a lifestyle that is thousands of years old? Like childbirth: we can paint a glamorous, beautiful picture of emotion, but in the end it’s still bloody, groaning, intense, raw and common. When we elevate it to an ideal and worship that ideal, we take what is doable for every (wo)man and make it something only for the elite.

But I digress. 🙂

I am interested to see how I feel as the days pass, and how this pregnancy differs from my first. I ate a lot of bagels, a lot of nachos, a lot of pizza, and a lot of hamburgers the first time around, yet nevertheless enjoyed that healthy pregnancy a lot. The only thing I’ve wanted badly so far this time is sauerkraut and a nap, ha!

This article is my favorite of those I’ve found thus far, about following a primal diet during pregnancy.


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