Modern Hunting & Gathering

The Kill:

11# petite sirloin steak

2# 93% lean ground beef

1.25# spicy chicken sausage

2.5# bananas

5 dozen large eggs

1# bacon

1# organic pastured butter

2.75# organic gala apples

1 bunch organic celery

Total: $57.93

We really made out like banditos this week! The steaks and the eggs were ridiculously cheap. ($2.76/lb and $0.79 a dozen, respectively) We’ll be eating on those for a long time.  I didn’t have to buy much produce, as we still have enough from last week and the week before to carry us through until next payday. Can I just say how much I LOVE this diet? Not only do I physically feel amazing, it seems as though we have tons of really good food, and yet I’m not spending tons of money. (Granted I am shopping the sales, and not buying organic meats – yet – but nevertheless, eating Primally is a lot less expensive than I thought it would be!) It is amazing to me how simple, streamlined, and easy this diet is; I am sure that as time goes on, our grocery shopping ventures will become more condensed as we fine-tune what we truly need week-to-week.


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