Modern Hunting & Gathering

our first Primal grocery shopping venture

The Kill:

2.5# pork sausage links

4# lean ground beef

7# chicken breast

26oz jar of almond butter

1/2 gallon coconut milk

4# frozen veggie mix

1 bag baby carrots

1 bunch celery

2.5# zucchini

1# green beans

1 head cabbage

1# mushrooms

2 red onions

2 sweet onions

2# pears

4 cucumbers

5 green bell peppers

1# strawberries

3 big jalepenos

4# bananas

2.5# tomatoes

1 lemon

Total: $63.37

None of this is organic or grass-fed, except the eggs which get daily from our own chickens, and the fats (extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, butter) which we already have on hand. That said, we do really really well for a one-income family (and a low income, at that), making do with what we got.

We won’t go hungry. 😉


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